Thomas Schoenberger is a polymath, composer, historian, entrepreneur event designer, inventor and writer. His compositions have been performed by leading musical groups, including the Moscow Chamber Orchestra and other notable artists worldwide. His historical observations are developed through his extensive travels throughout Europe, the Middle East and America. 

An unusually prolific composer, he has created thousands of original compositions, from piano concerto's to symphony's and operas. His first performances were as a young child and his father was a classically trained composer before becoming a medical doctor. Schoenberger's passions includes creating nurturing neuro-environments for the autistic, elderly and babies. Schoenberger has been written about in major magazines from Billboard to Good Housekeeping.

In 1986, in addition to his classical composing, he began writing audio landscapes designed to create connections with children with cognitive disorders. He went on to compose "Music for Infants" and "The ULTIMATE Baby CD" series and both globally recognized. Using original compositions employing polyphonic melodies reminiscent of both Mozart and Bach, his CD's are sold in 20 countries.

Schoenberger turned his attention toward fundraising for international cultural institutions and projects, and has used his international contacts to help preserve and raise awareness of classical music in Milan, Vienna, London and the Middle East. An avid traveler, Thomas has developed valuable relationships with museums and music festivals worldwide and has been an adviser to festival and exhibition committees internationally.

He was also the founder of an entertainment business whose client list included: Microsoft, Intel, General Electric, Pepsi, Amfac, Apple Computers and other major corporations. He also collaborated with major Napa Valley resorts including Meadowood, Silverado and Sonoma Mission Inn; wineries such as Mondavi, Opus One, Caymus and Clos Pegase. Currently he works as a composer, cultural ambassador and with Associated Entertainment Consultants in new ventures and business development.