• Thomas Schoenberger was inspired to write music for infants with the birth of his son, Wolfgang.  Schoenberger’s work for infants is composed in the style of musical compositions shown to stimulate the portion of the child’s brain associated with special skills such as music, mathematics, and chess.  In this way, he is providing the opportunity for families enjoying his music to also possibly benefit from the Mozart effect.


    Dr. Auerbach, author of “Smart Play” and found of “Dr. Toy” says, “We don’t need research to tell us babies respond to music. Schoenberger’s music is easy for everyone to listen to.  It provides an overall sense of relaxation and enjoyment that you can share as a family, which provides a calming home environment”  

    The Music for Infants series is wonderful for building a close bond with your infant; during quiet times, times of learning and teaching or when travelling in the car together.  Sold at quality retailers including Zany Brainy Stores, The Right Start, FAO Schwartz and, of course, the digital version is available online through this site. Click the album covers above.


     Thomas Schoenberger’s award winning music is a delight to a new generation of infants and babies. His mesmerizing melodies are children’s classics.  Both parents and teacher alike have recognized the calming, soothing effect of his compositions.

    Music to the Littlest Ears: Napa Composer Tickles the Ivories for Tiny Brains

    Parenting Magazine names composer Thomas Schoenberger's Ultimate Baby CD this month's best new baby CD